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Brexit got done and so did you… Hollywood, Pirate Ships and Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers, Part 2

So there we have it, Brexit got done!!

Finally we are free of the bonds of our oppressors and can sleep safely knowing that the worlds evils have been slain by valiant heroes!!

Cast of Characters:

Sir Roger Gale
The  Council of Europe, founded in 1949, is not to be confused with the European Council (only officially formed in 2009) or the Council of the European Union (established in 1967)
Jimmy Savile, seen here at an NSPCC Fundraising event with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, March 6th 1980
Cara Delevingne’s Grandpa, Sir Jocelyn Stevens during his time managing the Evening Standard
President Ronald Reagan  with special guest, The Queen’s Equerry Lt-colonel Blair Stewart-Wilson.
Lew Wasserman, chillin’ with another puppet
Barry Seal and his body double, Tom Cruise
William Barr, the man responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s death in custody

Oops, apologies, seem to have been reading from a press release from Her Majesty’s Ministry of guff and nonsense there…

But anyway, back to reality; how is it that the Director of BBC Children’s programming responsible for this piece of TV history:

came to be chairing the Parliamentary debate on the Brexit Withdrawal Bill over 40 years later?

Ah, Sir Roger Gale; besides being the 1st Radio Producer to get children interviewing a Prime Minister (errr, this Prime Minister!)

Alleged Paedophile Ted Heath at the Wheel of his Yacht, Morning Cloud

for BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, along with the other candidates for the top job  in the run up to the 1974 election*

Cyril Smith, David Steel and party leader Jeremy Thorpe at the 1973 Liberal Party conference in Southport. (Photo by Wesley/Keystone/Getty Images)
The Queen and Prince Philip listening to a parliamentary address by Prime Minister Harold Wilson, September 4th, 1975

Edward Heath and Jeremy Thorpe (along with Cyril Smith) were both involved with members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, as was Radio 1 DJ Jimmy Savile; furthermore, they were seen attending a flat under surveillance by police investigating trafficking and prostitution.

Now, funnily enough, BBC Radio 1 came into being as a direct response to the very Pirate Radio Stations that Roger Gale had himself been heavily involved in;

Though fitted out in the O Rahilly family docks at Greenore, the MV Mi Amigo was originally used by competing station, the short lived Radio Atlanta… Both Allan Crawford and Ronan O’Rahilly admit that, while the two ships were being fitted out, numerous acts of mutual sabotage occurred, with each company doing its best to delay the other’s launch. The Mi Amigo was first to leave Greenore, but problems with the rigging supporting its antenna mast meant that the ship had to put in at Falmouth for repairs, and because of this delay Radio Caroline went on air first, on 28 March 1964.
Radio Atlanta broadcast for less than 2 months, before merging with Radio Caroline; the MV Mi Amigo became Radio Caroline South

the first broadcast of Radio 1 was on 30th September 1967,  just a little over a month before, the Marine, &c., Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967 had come into law on August 14th 1967, after having passed through both Houses of Parliament earlier in the year.

The act was effectively the UK’s ratification of the Council of Europe’s 1965 Strasbourg treaty

Fast forward to 2020 and in the present day, the most senior member of the UK parliament in the Council of Europe is…

You’ve guessed it, Roger Gale:

John Bercow’s replacement, Lindsay Hoyle was unavailable, so Roger Gale happened to be in the chair for the historic vote that broke the Brexit deadlock

Now, whilst we may be leaving the European Union, we will be staying in the Council of Europe:

The Council of Europe, founded in 1949, is not to be confused with a) the European Council (only officially formed in 2009) b) the Council of the European Union (established in 1967)… The UK’s relationship with the Council of Europe remains unaffected by Brexit, unlike the other 2

Thankfully, the Council of Europe have produced this handy guide to clear things up:

Confused? Errrr, don’t be???

Things are all getting a bit confusing here, so for now, back to some light entertainment:

From Pirate to Privateer, inside man Roger Gale must’ve been quite handy have around…

The 1st DJ on air when Radio One opened was Tony Blackburn, who for some reason brings to mind Harry Enfield’s Nicey:

but who could Paul Whitehouse’s Charity loving Smashie been referring to?

Ahem, moving swiftly on, let’s get back to Pirate Ships; just over 2 years before dashing young DJs Tony Blackburn and Roger Gale had been on board the MV Mi Amigo when the daughter of the writer of Thunderball (Ian Fleming tried to pinch the story, but got pulled up before the courts) became a stowaway by locking herself in the toilet for a publicity stunt after her record had been banned by the BBC!

The same young lady went on to write one of Morecambe and Wise’s  theme tunes and married the writer of the lyrics of Tom Jones’ Delilah…

She also took exclusive photos of the future king, Prince Charles, when he was promoting his Children’s book on the BBC World Service:

Prince Charles promoting his Book via the BBC World Service in the early 1980s Credit: Sylvan Mason

Which kinda reminds me of another song banned by the BBC:

Now, like many radio DJs of the 60s and 70s, Roger ‘The Howling Gale’ was quite the charmer; truth be told I wouldn’t be surprised if the Howling Gale’s on air manner was used as inspiration for Austin Powers…

Original Austin Powers?

Speaking of international men of mystery, before we too get overly charmed, let’s not forget that we’ve been delving into the dark realms of arms dealing and child abuse and that this same Sir Roger Gale was director of BBC Children’s Programming back when Norris McWhirter and Brian Crozier were rustling up schemes to get Margaret Thatcher elected

Roger Gale had joined the Conservative Party in 1964, which would’ve made him 20 or 21; quite a bit older than many of those preyed upon by the likes of Jimmy Savile, Gordon Anglesea or Jeffrey Epstein, but nonetheless, quite young to be getting involved in politics; there again, as we’ve already seen, Sir Gale’s life has been anything but ordinary…

In fact, it’s probably fair to say that Roger Gale has had one of the most Hollywood lifestyles of all parliamentarians:

I mean, how in the name of artistic excess does a kid of 18 or 19 end up in Hollywood working for the General Manager of Universal Studios and hold that same job over the course of the next few years whilst flitting about across the Atlantic, setting up and hosting multiple pirate radio stations, including one heavily involved with the Conservative Monday Club?

Universal Studios postcard from the 1960s; the tours started out as a very basic affair, initially with trams run by outside contractors… it was only in 1964 that Universal Studios Hollywood began it’s own tours; The total staff dedicated to this part of the studio operation was one ticket seller, two guides and two tram drivers.

1962 was not only the year the Young Roger Gale began work at Universal Studios, it was also the year Universal was taken over by MCA (not the Beastie Boy, the Music Corporation of America) as part of the merger of MCA and Decca Records.

Strangely enough, the reason Radio Caroline was set up by Ronan O Rahilly in the 1st place was because:

‘Prior to his involvement with Radio Caroline, O’Rahilly ran the Scene club in London’s Soho district and managed a number of pop music artists, including Georgie Fame and Alexis Korner. He recorded a Georgie Fame record on his own independent label, unheard of at the time. He took the record to the BBC to try to get it played. He discovered that the record industry was dominated by EMI and Decca. He then tried to get it played on Radio Luxembourg and again found that the shows were ‘owned’ by major labels EMI, Decca, Pye and Philips. They were essentially ‘payola‘ shows, and featured only music from the paying label. He said “I have recorded the guy, so I can’t get it played, so we have to start a radio station.” ‘

One of the key financial backers of Radio Caroline was Cara Delevingne’s Grandad, Sir Jocelyn Stevens

Jocelyn Stevens, owner of Queen magazine, photographed at The Duke of Rutland’s Dance at Belvoir Castle on 3rd October 1965. (Photo by Lichfield Archive via Getty Images).

Before going on to be a managing director at the Evening Standard (1969-72) and Daily Express (1972-81) Newspapers, Sir Jocelyn Stevens bought what was originally ‘The’ Queen magazine as a 25th Birthday Present for himself!

Yet more inspiration for Austin Powers; Initially, the British high society magazine was called ‘The Queen’ but in 1957 was invigorated by its new owner Jocelyn Stevens and became known just as ‘Queen’. The fortnightly magazine began to attract a much larger, younger audience and embraced the ‘Swinging Sixties’ culture through its fashion, style, and content.

As editor he hired Beatrix Miller (who had  worked for MI6 in Germany and at the Nuremberg Trials, before going on to head British Vogue from 1964-86); other notable hires were Mark Boxer, who in 1962 made history with the groundbreaking Sunday Times Colour Supplement and Antony Armstrong-Jones who went on to be known as Lord Snowdon, after marrying the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret…

There again, as you might expect from someone who buys themself a magazine as a birthday present, Sir Jocelyn Stevens came from a well to do background and wasn’t far from Royalty; much like Edward Leigh’s father being Head of the Privy Council Office, Jocelyn Steven’s stepbrother, Blair Stewart-Wilson was Equerry to the Queen and Deputy Master of the Royal Household, from 1976 all the way through to 1994.


June 7th 1982: President Ronald Reagan And His Wife Nancy Reagan With Queen Elizabeth II In The Quadrangle At Windsor Castle At The Start Of His State Visit To Britain. With Them Are Prince Philip And Prince Charles. At Far Left Is The Queen’s Equerry Lt-Colonel Blair Stewart-Wilson. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

But back to the 1960s and the glory days of Pirate Radio; ironically, considering Ronan O’Rahilly’s aim of setting up a rebellious station to take on the establishment, Radio Caroline was originally run from the office of Queen magazine

Then we have Roger Gale, still well connected to MCA and Decca at Universal Studios, he was no small player; in fact he was instrumental in the set up of both Radio Scotland and Radio 270, acting as Programme Director in the early days of both.

Though Radio Caroline was the most well known, there were several different Pirate Radio stations to cater for all tastes…

The story of Radio 270, moored off Scarborough (Jimmy Savile is said to have visited the ship on mulitple occasions) and a favourite of the Conservative Monday Club, including you’ve guessed it, Harvey Proctor, is worth a post in it’s own right, so I’ll avoid going into too much detail here.

Now, quite apart from the obvious benefits of having an industry insider such as Roger Gale setting up radio stations to play your records, there is a darker side to this tale; MCA under Lew Wasserman had long ties to the Mafia and the kind of political swing necessary to get folks to vote for the most powerful puppet in the world.

In this case, that puppet was Ronald Reagan and much like the election of Margaret Thatcher, behind the scenes there was all sorts of dirty tricks in play, many of them involving prostitution, hidden cameras and blackmail.

The Queen, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Buckingham Palace 1984

This is where many stories begin to interweave; thankfully, Whitney Webb has already done much of the hard work on that front, going into great detail on a saga spanning decades that brings us bang up to date with the highly dubious death of Jeffrey Epstein and his many links to intelligence services the world over.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Jeffrey Epstein;

Stories were coming out this week about Prince Andrew not cooperating with the FBI; however, the thing to remember here is, the FBI themselves are every bit as involved in all of this; in the link above showing Whitney’s various pieces on the Epstein case, you can read about the hold the mob and the CIA had over FBI chief Edgar J Hoover thanks to compromising images, however, that is but one example:

from an FBI dossier spanning 3 decades detailing Louis Mounbatten’s lust for young boys; Mountbatten was the mentor of future King Prince Charles and is credited with introducing none other that Jimmy Savile to the Royal Family…

Prince Charles with the Marriage Guidance Counsellor used by both him and his brother

More recently, we have plea deal hammered out by FBI head Robert Mueller  (despite effectively being a co-defendant, Alan Dershowitz was Epstein’s lawyer):

Hang on though, why would the FBI be making a hullabaloo about Prince Andrew not co-operating if they didn’t intend to investigate properly?

Whilst I’d like to have faith that the FBI have turned over a new leaf, all signs point to the fact it’s a scam; a basic confidence trick to give the impression the FBI are doing everything they can to investigate, when in fact the opposite is true; Prince Andrew will of course ‘bow to public pressure’ and help with inquiries, but nothing will come of it: I mean, they’ve made such headway with tracking down Ghislaine Maxwell, right?

Sound far fetched?

Well, bear in mind the biggest recruiter of terrorists in the US is the FBI!!

Yes, really:

William Barr, the man responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s death in custody

Not to mention the mysteries surrounding Epstein’s death under the watchful eye of William Barr, CIA man responsible for the Iran Contra pardons (more on that below) and son of Donald Barr, the guy who got Epstein his job at Dalton School, despite Epstein’s lack of qualifications

But anyway, back to Roger Gale and his plum job at Universal Studios, just as MCA were taking over in earnest

MCA chairman Wasserman held sway over Hollywood. With his clout, he helped get Reagan elected president of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Governor of California and then President. Federal investigators were pursuing his mob ties when the investigation was suddenly halted

Multiple books have been written about Lew Wasserman and MCA’s ties to the mob and their role in Reagan’s rise to power; there’s also a film:

According to Shawn Swords, a documentary filmmaker who explored Reagan’s ties to MCA in Wages of Spin II: Bring Down That Wall:

“Ronald Reagan was an opportunist. His whole career was guided by MCA — by Wasserman and [MCA founder] Jules Stein, who bragged that Reagan was malleable, that they could do what they wanted with him…That thing about Reagan being tough on [organized] crime — that’s a fallacy.”

That certainly seems a reasonable conclusion, as the same Ronald Reagan was president throughout the period the CIA was instrumental in the crack cocaine industry, smuggling wholesale amounts of cocaine from South and Central America, a continuation of Operation Watchtower  (Donald Gregg a key architect of Operation Watchtower also happened to be heavily involved in prostitution and blackmail) and directly linked to Iran-Contra, a perfect means of maximising air freight, huge transporter planes bringing weapons in to support the Contra movement in Nicaragua, then leaving with huge amounts of Cocaine, to be distributed throughout the US.

William Barr with Ronald Reagan in the Whitehouse, 1983. Barr was key to President George HW Bush’s pardon of those caught out by the Iran-Contra investigation. Both Barr and Bush had been working at the CIA whilst huge cocaine smuggling operations were being carried out in Latin America as revealed by affadavits supplied by Colonel Edward P Cutolo and Green Beret PFC William Tyree. Barr was also involved in providing legal justification for the ousting of Panama’s General Manuel Noreiga, who had been a key player in the CIA smuggling operations

Much of the air traffic for these operations was being routed through a small airport in Mena Arkansas… some stories made it into the press whilst those going into too much detail:

‘Finally, there are extensive official records: federal investigative and surveillance reports, accounting assessments by the l.R.S. and the D.E.A., and court proceedings not previously reported in the press – testimony as well as confidential pre-sentencing memoranda in federal narcotics-trafficking trials in Florida and Nevada – numerous depositions, and other sworn statements.

The archive paints a vivid portrait not only of a major criminal conspiracy around Mena, but also of the unmistakable shadow of government complicity. Among the new revelations:

Mena, from 1981 to 1985, was indeed one of the centers for international smuggling traffic. According to official l.R.S. and D.E.A. calculations, sworn court testimony, and other corroborative records, the traffic amounted to thousands of kilos of cocaine and heroin and literally hundreds of millions of dollars in drug profits. According to a 1986 letter from the Louisiana attorney general to then U.S. attorney general Edwin Meese, Seal “smuggled between $3 billion and $5 billion of drugs into the U.S.”

were suppressed

The 2nd piece in that link is by Ambrose Evans Pritchard of the Sunday Telegraph:

The article makes clear that the alleged scandal is not confined to the activities of the Arkansas political machine and Mr. Clinton.

It embraces the highest levels of the federal government over several years.

“For three Presidents of both parties – Messrs. Reagan, Bush and Clinton – the old enduring questions of political scandal are once again apt,” the article concludes.

“What did they know about Mena? When did they know it? Why didn”t they do anything to stop it?”

Ambrose Evans Pritchard also brings us to Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump caused quite some controversy… however, Kavanaugh’s involvement in the cover up of a murder related to the Mena scandal earlier in his career wasn’t covered by any of the main news outlets

The entire Mena scandal was trivialized and glamourized by a comedy film starring Tom Cruise; ‘American Made’…

released by errrrr; Universal Pictures, the mob affiliated studio that had got the President at the time of the scandal, Ronald Reagan, into power in the 1st place

However, the scandal doesn’t end there; not only was Barry Seal involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, he also had ties to Huffman Aviation, one of the flight schools used by 9/11 hijackers

Where’s Jeb Bush when you need him?

Speaking of drugs, let’s not forget the CIA (along with MI6, the Pakistani ISI, Mossad, the Chinese and Saudi Intelligence under Turki bin Faisal) were supporting none other than Osama Bin Laden and the early stages of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan; meanwhile, Charles Farr, the man who until his untimely death in February 2019 was head of Her Majesty’s Joint Intelligence Committee, was spending time in the Tora Bora Cave Complex built by Bin Laden and handing out wads of cash to drug lords:

in amongst all of this, there’s Gust Avrakotos’ key role in Cyprus and Operation Cyclone (often known as Charlie Wilson’s War):

CIA man Gust Avrakotos was never far away from the action…
Oerlikon was key to Charlie Wilson’s efforts in Afghanistan; they needed an anti aircraft gun capable of taking down the Soviet Hind Helicopters

not forgetting the mysteries surrounding Oerlikon and Arms to Iraq

Oerlikon certainly get around; where could this trail lead…

Taking all of this into account, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to draw parallels between what was happening back then, and RAF Akrotiri’s continued role as an Air Bridge;

One of the key roles played by RAF Akrotiri is as an Air Bridge; huge cargo planes transport troops, weapons and supplies around the Middle East

one has to wonder how the vast amount of weapons flooded into Syria as part of Timber Sycamore got there;

A basic infographic of military cargo flights during the build-up of Arms in Syria under Timber Sycamore

similarly, all that extra Opium coming out of Afghanistan after the 2001 invasion must be getting around somehow;

maybe Sherard Cowper Coles, Mark Sedwill, or Karen Pierce (who’s been tipped for the top job at MI6) could help explain the situation…

Here’s an example of RAF Akrotiri’s Air Traffic, if anyone wants to dig deeper:

We’ve come a looong way from Pirate ships, though perhaps we’re not that far from the realm of Privateers in the service of Her Majesty…

Perhaps Roger Gale can pursue the matter with a passion, being as he’s chair of the APPG on Cyprus!

The last register of All Party Parliamentary groups  available for the APPG on Cyprus when this blog was published is dated November 5th 2019:

If you know, you know

Thanks to the election that line-up will change a bit when the next register is released; however, there are 1 person on that list besides Roger Gale who immediately rings alarm bells;

Joan Ryan, chair of Labour Friends of Israel at the time of defecting to The Independent Group (or whatever it was they were called)

The main reason I bring up her being Chair of Labour Friends of Israel (a position which she retained for a few months after defecting from the Labour Party) is this footage, from Al-Jazeera documentary, ‘The Lobby’:

Oddly, no mainstream media picked up on the story, particularly odd given the furore around ‘Labour Antisemitism’, which despite all the coverage, is actually lower than in other mainstream parties:

I hope it’s not antisemitic of me to mention Ghislaine Maxwell’s ties to Israel:

Though to be fair, I have been saying it for years…

Let’s revisit this video for a moment:

Broadcast on New Year’s day 1977 it’s likely to have been recorded fairly early into Roger Gale’s time as director of BBC Children’s programming after he was given the role in 1976… prior to that he’d been working at a producer on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, itself quite a political animal

Now, like Norris McWhirter, Brian Crozier and their pals at the Freedom Association Roger Gale is a long time political activist; we’ve already covered his joining the Conservative Party in 1964 (the same year he joined Radio Caroline), however, it was at a protest against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 that he got the fire in his belly,  as a result of speaking after Tariq Ali to stir up a crowd of some 50,000 people from the top of a loudspeaker van.

In the intervening years, Gale built up quite a network; during his time at Newsbeat, he and Caroline Schindler did a tour of all the local Radio Stations in Britain, recruiting stringers (freelance journalists) along the way, to get the hottest stories for the nations youth.

Odd then that like so many others, Sir Roger wasn’t savvy to the ways of Jimmy Savile…

The 1975 Jim’ll Fix It Christmas Special  was the first of many Jim’ll Fix It Specials, airing on Christmas Eve 1975 and featuring a visit to Israel, to see where the baby Jesus was born:

Always a good idea to have someone who hates children presenting flagship children’s TV and mingling with foreign governments on matters of national security… But what happened to the Jewish Telegraph article?

the Israel section had been recorded in September of 1975…

Jimmy Savile visits Israel in September 1975

Which seems to put Roger Gale in the clear… however, Savile’s relations with Israel on national security issues continued under Roger Gale’s directorship:

Sir Jimmy Savile, ever the diplomat…

That said, Roger Ordish (creator and producer of Jim’ll Fix It, also known as ‘Doctor Magic’) attempts to cast a different light on matters:

Had anyone else been negotiating matters of national security between Israel and Egypt in September 1975?

However, ‘Doctor Magic’s argument seems to fall a bit flat if references to further dealings between Savile and Israel hold true article originally from the Jewish Telegraph, but for reasons unknown, it has since been removed from the internet:


By Paul Harris
As tributes poured in for Jimmy Savile, who died on Saturday, he took one secret to the grave that the Jewish Telegraph once revealed.

The eccentric DJ, who numbered princes and presidents among his friends, may have been responsible for engineering the historic meeting in 1977 between Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat that ultimately led to peace between the two countries.

Savile, who never shied away from name dropping those in high places with whom he was friendly, let slip during a conversation over dinner, no doubt deliberately, that he had received a medal from Israel in 1979, for services he had rendered.

He told me at the time that he had visited Israel in 1975 at the behest of then President Ephraim Katzir to advise on a delicate matter of security, under the guise of one of a party of Anglo-Israel Friendship League members.

Officially in Israel to take part in a TV show, he had talks with the president who asked him to repeat to the entire cabinet what he had told him.

“My theory actually bore fruit two years later and I received a presentation from the Israel ambassador in London.

“Even the latter apparently had no idea precisely what the presentation was for.

During his trip to Israel, he said, he did not arouse the attention of the media because they believed he was there purely for a TV show — “and we got away with it”, he smiled.

He recalled further: “When the president came to me, he asked how I was enjoying my visit to Israel.
“Next morning, I went to the Knesset and they interrupted a cabinet meeting and I told them the same as I had told him.”

He added that he had visited Israel a number of times since to offer his advice.

That friend, Manchester businessman Benny Sternberg, who died a few years ago, revealed that Savile had been approached to explore the possibility of a meeting between Sadat and Begin because of his friendship with the family of the Egyptian president’s wife Jehan.

Mrs Sadat is the daughter of a Sheffield-born woman, the late Gladys Cottrell who Jimmy knew well.


You can find a (broken) link to the original piece here:

and here:

Sir Jimmy Savile’s brushes with Israel’s foreign policy in 1977 and 1979 will have fallen under Sir Roger Gale’s time in charge of BBC Children’s Programming…

What can Sir Roger Gale tell us about Savile’s relations with Israel, or indeed any of the other matters raised here?

We’ll leave it there for now; yes, I know I’ve probably gone into faaaar too much detail (though it’s still just scratching the surface) and yes, there’s every possibility there’s some errors here and there; feel free to fact check if you have any doubts; feedback welcome.


*(being as Edward Heath was booked via a call to William Waldegrave, I’d assume it to be the February Election, which resulted in a hung parliament, rather than the October Election, which resulted in a Labour majority)

Hollywood, Pirate Ships and Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers, Part 1

Cast of Characters:

To be revealed… in the meantime, read on;

Remember Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Like many blockbuster films of the early 80s, the 1st time I saw it was on VHS at my mate Ian Davey’s house… I’d known Ian since play school, which was held across the road from my childhood home and both our Mums worked there.

Ironically, if I still lived in the area, until the recent election (scheduling it so close to Christmas was a genius move in divide and conquer terms!!) John Bercow would’ve been the local MP.

Anyhow, back to Raiders of the Lost Ark; after a thrilling start outwitting some remarkably engineered traps (as if a bag of sand is going to be heavier than a gold statue!!) and having to deal with multiple betrayals, our brave hero is faced by one of the most memorable parts of the film; a big rolling boulder.

Dear reader, that big rolling boulder is the current news cycle and you are our brave hero, overcoming all the distractions and bullshit put in the way to hamper your progress in pursuit of historically significant treasures…

Beyond the poor Queen’s disappointment at Harry and Meghan seeking financial independence from the taxpayer (but no such disappointment at Prince Andrew and Prince Charles’ dealings with protected paedophiles) there’s the small matter of yet another US Government escalating the clusterfuck in the middle east and helping ISIS (who like Al-Qaeda, they helped create) in the process.

Thankfully, the situation with Iran seems to have cooled for now, but if further conflict were to break out, one of the key locations for allied forces and NATO would be Cyprus and more specifically, the Sovereign Base Areas

Akrotiri and Dhekelia to give the Sovereign Base areas their proper names, together make up one of the 14 British Overseas Territories, many of which are Offshore Tax Havens  key to the City of London’s prominence in the world of finance… however Akrotiri and Dhekelia are more focussed on military exploits, a profitable enterprise in it’s own right!

Credit: George Bozanko

The British Territories on Cyprus have the largest military presence of all the British Overseas Territories, though by contrast, the 2nd largest, the Chagos Islands (or British Indian Ocean Territory as it has been known since the forceful eviction of the Islanders between 1968 and 1973) has a far higher ratio of military personnel, since there are no longer any permanent residents as a result of the archipelago being taken over as a joint UK/US Military base.

In a round about way, this brings us back to the story of Harry and Meghan and the Queen, who as head of state has dominion over all those territories and their financial and military interests…

Here’s a quick overview of the UK’s military bases around the world:

many of which in addition to their primary function as strategically positioned ‘Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers‘, also play a role in the GCHQ snooping network revealed by Edward Snowden

But back to Cyprus; Akrotiri and Dhekelia are pivotal for allied operations in the Middle East and have played a key role in the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, not only in terms of acting as an air base for fighter jet sorties and bomber missions, but also as an air bridge for the transport of troops, arms and supplies.

In fact, it could be said that much of the current situation in the Middle East can be directly attributed to the Sovereign Base Areas;  THE INVASION OF IRAQ MAY NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF NOT FOR THE UK PRESENCE IN CYPRUS!!

Since they are UK territory, they were used for the highly contentious claim that Saddam could launch a WMD attack within 45 minutes:

The Weapons of Mass destruction which had been provided by the UK and US had gone out of fashion

At this point, it’s worth noting that 2 of the people most deeply involved in the 2 dodgy dossiers on Iraq are in still in highly influential positions;

a) The September Dossier 24th September 2002

Sir Mark Sedwill, who prior to being most senior non elected employee of Her Majesty’s Government, was a UN weapons inspector in Iraq, before being posted to Cyprus…


Mark Sedwill NATO profile
Sir Mark Sedwill’s profile on the NATO Website


Mark Sedwill 3 hats
Mark ‘3 Hats’ Sedwill (Cabinet Secretary, Head of Civil service and National Security Adviser) key role on National Security Council (NSC) to which ministers, Chiefs of Defence Staff, MI5 and MI6 must report when summoned, Chairs Permanent Secretaries Group of senior unelected government officials, President of Special Forces Club

b) The Iraq Dossier, February 3rd 2003

Kamal Ahmed, who is said to have worked with Alastair Campbell in ‘sexing up’ the February 2003 dossier for mass consumption, has been working as the Editorial Director of BBC news since late 2018.


Kamal Ahmed Dossier


Gavin Allen and Kamal Ahmed ensure BBC impartiality…

Now, before we found ourselves teetering on the brink of World War 3 thanks to the assassination of one of the key players in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, General Qasem Soleimani,

aside from questions as to just how extensively MI6, CIA and their allies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel assisted in the creation of ISIS via the Timber Sycamore Program and more recently by release of ISIS prisoners

Who’s really in charge here?

there was much coming to light about apparent flaws in the OPCW’s approach to investigating the alleged Chemical Weapons attack in Douma, and what would appear to be yet another dodgy dossier…

which led to Airstrikes carried out by RAF Jets scrambled from (you’ve guessed it) RAF Akrotiri in  Cyprus…

Given it’s key strategic position, it is a touch odd that the Commander of RAF Akrotiri was previously the Liason Officer to the Saudi Air Force, considering their role in The World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis, not to mention the clear Saudi role in 9/11, or the fact that Saudi funded wahhabism is essentially the same ideology that fuels ISIS and Al-Qaeda…

There’s much to suggest that Saudi Arabia were key to the not only the ideology behind ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda, but their material support in the battlefield:

But there again, given RAF Akrotiri’s key role in Operation Shader suggests they’re working hard to defeat the Jihadi scourge:

Aside from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and Qatar’s (to name a few) roles in the support of Jihadist Rebels, the British bases on Cyprus were also playing their part in creating the hordes they now see fit to slaughter under Operation Shader!!

But hey, so what, it’s not like the UK was in any way involved in Mike Pompeo’s decision to assassinate an Iranian General!

Sir Mark Sedwill and Mike Pompeo discuss Joint Strategy, March 2019

Aside from having a background in the symbiotic industries of  military, aerospace and oil, Mike Pompeo’s time as CIA director brings about the opportunity to mention a long history of CIA involvement on Cyprus; Allen Dulles, Henry Kissinger and even Gust Akravatos, of Operation Cyclone fame, have all played roles in the island’s history, which makes sense, given it’s role in not only starting the Iraq war, but also arming Saddam in the 1st place;

Page 201:
Page 202:


Seems like an appropriate place to stop for now, but suffice to say there is some very big stinks indeed on the way!!

What are the chances? But really though, what are the chances…

A story that ties together Hong Kong, Prince Harry, The Media, The US withdrawal from Syria and even Climate Change?

Come off it, next you’ll be saying Jimmy Savile has summat to do with all of this…

Cast of Characters:

Prince Harry:

Harry Diana

Darren Conway OBE:

Darren Conway OBE Prince Charles

The Rt Hon The Lord Patten of Barnes CH PC

Chris Patten Tony Hall BBC

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles KCMG LVO

Sherard Cowper Coles Michael Ancram

In the past week, Prince Harry once again made the headlines, though this time, rather than the small matter of being born into a fancy family, it was to do with his being sufficiently pissed off with the actions of Tabloid Newspapers to begin legal proceedings against them. Meanwhile, protests in Hong Kong  which often spill over into violence show no sign of abating and speaking of violence, Donald Trump orders withdrawal of US troops from Syria thus allowing Turkish Forces to slaughter the Kurds (who in a large part have been responsible for the defeat of ISIS)

All these stories are apparently unrelated, at least on the face of it…

Now, there are any number of angles from which to begin, from Apple bowing to pressure from the Chinese Government and selling out Hong Kong protestors by removing a mapping app, to a brave paralympian climbing on top of a plane at another of the world’s major financial centres on behalf of Extinction Rebellion.

However, to start this story properly, we have to go back to the days when Hong Kong was still a British Crown Colony.

Crown Colonies are now known as British Overseas Territories (and like Hong Kong, are generally tax havens), with a governor (appointed by head of state, the Queen) heading the government.

In the time between becoming a British colony in 1841 as a result of the 1st Opium war and being handed over to Chinese Rule there were 28 recognized British governors along  with short periods of rule (the shortest=2 days!) by a variety of characters (often British Army Commanders).

In addition, Hong Kong had 2 Japanese Governors  when taken by Japan during WW2

The last Governor of British Hong Kong, charged with handling the return of Hong Kong to Chinese rule was non other than His Excellency The Rt Hon Christopher Francis Patten (as he was back then) otherwise known as Pang Ding-hong (彭定康), or ‘Fat Pang’ (肥彭).


We’ll come back to Fat Pang in due course, but in the meantime, lets look at some of the other characters involved in the handover of Hong Kong.

So, to the Foreign Office, or FCO as it’s often known (Foreign aaaand COMMONWEALTH Office) and Sherard Cowper-Coles, who headed the FCO Hong Kong Department in the lead up to the handover.

Sherard Cowper Coles HSBC

Let’s take a quick look at Mr Cowper-Coles’ CV:

Sherard Cowper Coles CV

Yowsers, quite the big hitter!!

Now, the eagle eyed among you may have noticed something else… he’s been in the diplomatic services 12 years longer than Mark Sedwill!!

Mark Sedwill Boris Johnson Cummings.jpg

Just kidding, though that’s true, the significant factor is that Sherard Cowper Coles has traded places with Mark Sedwill (the most senior non elected employee of Her Majesty’s Government) more than once; firstly as Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary;

Robin Cook was still in place when Mark Sedwill took over from Sherard Cowper-Coles…

The same Robin Cook who resigned over the Invasion of Iraq and later wrote this regarding Al Qaeda:

Robin Cook Bin Laden

Robin Cook was dead within a month of that being written…

However, there is certainly much truth in what he wrote;

first, let’s take a look at this footage of  Zbigniew Brzezinski winning the hearts and minds of the mujahideen during ‘Operation Cyclone’

There’s even direct reference to American support to Osama Bin Laden;

as relayed here by none other than Bandar Bin Sultan:

For more on Bandar Bin Sultan (and Mark Sedwill), check back to this post: World’s largest humanitarian crisis…

As for the 2nd time Sherard Cowper-Coles and Mark Sedwill traded places, where might that have occured?

We’ll come back to that, but in the meantime, feel free to hazard a guess…

(A quick clue… unlike many key events, it wasn’t when Mark Sedwill was in the Home Office)

Leaving the big hitters aside for a moment, let’s venture back to the handover of Hong Kong and the beginnings of a career that once again has dealt in flitting in and out of war zones:

Darren Conway OBE announcement

Despite his award winning ways, it’s tricky to find a great deal of info about Darren Conway’s time in the BBC’s Hong Kong Bureau, aside from this mention from the 2013 Frontline Club Awards:

Darren Conway Frontline Club

But perhaps Hong Kong isn’t the issue here… from being embedded in Iraq, to the controversy surrounding Saving Syria’s Children, much of which stems from the sequence from which the still above is taken:

Saving Syria's Children Gif.gif

‘On further viewings, however, this scene in particular is strikingly odd. The young men are initially quiet and static. The central figure looks directly into the camera for several moments before raising his arm, at which point the group instantly becomes animated and starts moaning in unison.’

I’ll leave you to judge for yourself regarding that footage… however, given what we know of what the media isn’t telling us about the situation in Syria, it’s certainly reasonable to question if the footage is entirely real.

Darren Conway OBE

Since this is an ongoing situation, let’s take this from the BBC’s Quention Somerville as an example:

On the face of it, it seems like a reasonable enough concern, but what aren’t we being told?

Seymour Hersh ISIS

Huh, so aside from NATO ally Turkey being key to the rise of the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh in the 1st place, the threat now exists of jailed ISIS fighters being freed from Kurdish Jails by Turkish Forces, whilst US forces (who according to their commander in chief have defeated ISIS) withdraw.

Errrr, yeah, seems legit

In amongst all this, as Extinction Rebellion disrupt cities across the world, there’s not a peep from Mainstream Media about the environmental impact of the US Military:

One way to cut carbon emissions is outsourcing; in much the same way as China is used as a cheap industrial base (meaning much of it’s carbon footprint comes from manufacturing goods for other countries around the world), the same can be done when it comes to war…

But anyway, back to Prince Harry; now, you may recall Prince Harry’s mum…

Harry Diana

aside from allegations of hacking by the papers, you may also remember the small matter of the death of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

(not forgetting that Dodi’s father, Mohammed Al Fayed was key to the downfall of Jonathan Aitken):

Mohammed Al Fayed Aitken

Confused? Good, that’s how you’re supposed to be, can’t have the riff-raff know what’s really going on.

Joking aside, we’ll come to how that’s relevant in another installment, for now, back to Sherard Cowper Coles…

Like Jonathan Aitken, he was heavily involved in the Al Yamamah affair; one could deduce that if nothing else, Sherard Cowper Coles would’ve been aware of Al-Yamamah pretty much from it’s inception, given his role in Washington in the 1980s… however, it wasn’t until some years later that his involvement became pivotal;

Sherard Cowper Coles Al Yamamah BAE

But hold on, where does Fat Pang fit into all of this?

And what in the hell does it have to do with Edward Leigh, Roger Gale and Jimmy Savile?

All in good time my friends, all in good time…





Privy to what?

Cast of Characters:

Margaret Thatcher

Savile Thatcher NSPCC

Sir Edward Leigh


Sir Jimmy Savile


Sir Roger Gale

MP Roger Gale & Dempsey the dog.

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Jill Dando

On February 13th 2019, Her Majesty the Queen held a meeting of the Privy council at Buckingham Palace.

Privy Council
(The more observant may note that this picture is from a previous meeting of the Her Majesty’s Privy Council; given much of this blog is about political manipulations surrounding Leaders of Her Majesty’s Opposition, how fitting that Dame Margaret Hodge appears to be taking centre stage!! Also notice the lack of seating arrangements…)

Aside from the Queen herself, present at that meeting were:

Andrea Leadsom (Lord President HM Privy Council and Leader of House of Commons)

Andrea Leadsom

Greg Clark (Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

Greg Clark

Damian Hinds (Secretary of State for Education)


Jeremy Wright (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)

Jeremy Wright.jpg

All are top level elected members of the cabinet of Her Majesty’s Government (in addition to the Secretaries of State, who are elected parliamentarians, each department has a ‘Permanent’ Secretary, employed by Her Majesty’s Civil Service) and all present remained standing throughout the meeting, as is the custom.

There were many matters to be covered, from specifications of 50p coins celebrating the life of Stephen Hawking, amendments of the charters of a number of universities and societies including the Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, orders preventing further burials in a number of Churchyards across the country, sanctions on Eritrea and even an amendment to the Outer Space act for the Isle of Man!!

But just how is it that this particular meeting of Her Majesty’s Privy Council takes us back over 40 years, to 1976?

If you recall, back in 1976, Julian Lewis was doing dirty work on behalf of Norris McWhirter and the Freedom Association…

furthermore, the Freedom Association hosted an event to introduce Julian Lewis’ mentor, spy and strategist Brian Crozier, to Margaret Thatcher

Now what are the chances that another of Julian Lewis and Brian Crozier’s close allies was in a pivotal position in Margaret Thatcher’s office back in 1976 when all this skullduggery was afoot?

Edward Leigh Knighthood

We’ll come back to Edward Leigh’s time as Margaret Thatcher’s Private Secretary, but for now, let’s take a wider look at his career, which must’ve come along in leaps and bounds, as he’s now ‘Sir’ Edward Leigh, after being knighted in the 2013 Queen’s Birthday Honors, then,  on 28th December 2018 sworn into Her Majesty’s Privy Council, acknowledged by an order approved by the Queen at Buckingham Palace on February 13th 2019 during the Privy Council meeting…

Edward Leigh

Immediately we can see he comes from an elite background, as younger son of Sir Neville Leigh, former Clerk to the Privy Council (Head of the Privy Council Office);

Privy Council 1969

After WW2, Neville Leigh had joined RAF intelligence, before later becoming head of the Privy Council Office between 1974 and 1984

Around the same time his father became head of the Privy Council, Edward Leigh joined Richmond Borough Council;

now of course it could be a coincidence, but as you’ll see, this begins to raise questions about the wider investigation of organized Child abuse; after all Elm Guest House was in Richmond…

Elm Guest House 2

The above excerpt is from the Surrey Comet, though for one reason or another, the editor of the Surrey Comet had been gagged on reporting the Elm Guest House story in full

Surely nothing to do with allegations that various members of the Royal Household attended Elm Guest House in some capacity…

Elm Guest House List

Let’s not forget the last post on this blog and mention of Keith Vaz’s role interviewing Mark Sedwill (now UK National Security Adviser, Cabinet Secretary and head of her Majesty’s Civil Service) regarding the 114 missing files on VIP child abuse

Especially since Keith Vaz was on Richmond Council’s legal team at the time of the Elm Guest House Scandal

also of interest is mention of Westland Helicopters, given Neville Leigh’s background in RAF intelligence

Furthermore, Westland was deeply involved in the Al Yamamah deal in which Margaret Thatcher and Bandar Bin Sultan played such key roles…


(coincidentally Bandar Bin Sultan’s Son and Daughter have just been sworn in as Saudi Ambassadors to the the UK and US respectively)

But back to Edward Leigh;

beyond the questions that surround his time at Richmond Council, similar questions arise about his role at the Greater London Council;

an example of this comes from one time deputy leader of the GLC George Tremlett’s recollection of taking a certain Harvey Proctor to the Elm Guest House for a Monday Club meeting some time in 1981:

Tremlett Proctor EGH

Of course, to immediately assume Sir Edward was in any way linked to child abuse would be jumping the gun somewhat, if it weren’t for a number of other factors;

firstly, we have the case of Duncan Breeze, who was jailed for making over 4,200 indecent images of children, including those of the worst level of depravity, which were found on 3 computers at both his own home in Sandy, Bedfordshire and his parent’s home in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

Mr Breeze has protested his innocence, however, the evidence presented to the court was sufficient to secure a conviction:

Edward Leigh Duncan Breeze 1

Edward Leigh Duncan Breeze 2

Oddly, Sir Edward’s story seems to change slightly when interviewed by his local paper as a result of the Mirror story above:

Edward Leigh Duncan Breeze 3
Regardless, surely there’s still not sufficient justification for associating Sir Edward Leigh with Child abuse…

However, there’s more:

Edward Leigh Dolphin Square
Now aside from the small matter of Edward Leigh being president of the Catholic Union to this day, the mention of John Allen and North Wales brings us back to where it all began with Edward Leigh’s long time partner in crime Julian Lewis

There seems little doubt there was indeed a monumental cover up of organized abuse in North Wales and beyond, in which Julian Lewis is clearly implicated

North Wales

The exact date Edward Leigh and Julian Lewis became acquainted remains unclear, however, they clearly knew one another before they founded the the Coalition for Peace through Security (CPS) together in September 1981.

Behind the scenes, the CPS was clearly influential, with ties to Conservative leadership and several key figures in the Ministry of Defence:

Coalition for Peace Through Security

Aside from doing a double take when you realize the current president of the Catholic Union was heavily involved in campaigning for nuclear weapons, note mention of funding via ‘The 61’ Brian Crozier’s global private intelligence network, which thanks to being separate from government, avoided scrutiny and accountability…

Lewis Leigh Crozier

Also note that this was all happening whilst Edward Leigh’s father, Neville Leigh, was still head of the Privy Council office, with close links to the Cabinet Office and the Queen

Privy Council 1969

Aside from Julian Lewis’ dodgy activities with Edward Leigh, let’s not forget his role as John Bercow’s best man, (though the pic below is of course not Sally Bercow)

Or indeed that John Bercow’s introduction to politics came from none other than Harvey Proctor, who then goes on to mention a certain Keith Vaz:

Proctor Bercow

Proctor Bercow Vaz

All very odd…

disgrace-in-the-house vaz bercow

But back to Julian Lewis covering up child abuse;

Beyond Julian Lewis bragging of getting Scallywag magazine shut down on his website,

as always,

there is another side to the story:

Simon Regan Julian Lewis

Simon Regan Julian Lewis 2

Simon Regan Julian Lewis 3
Hold on though, weren’t the Dolphin Square allegations found to have come from the minds of fantasists with no basis in truth?

Some well connected folks certainly want you to believe that, but it doesn’t sit very well with police investigations such as Operation Mileshogue:

Operation MilesHogue Dolphin Square 2

So we have a police investigation, and the startling revelation that pretty much everyone in the Met Police Paedophile Unit was aware of allegations surrounding Dolphin Square, yet for whatever reason, management didn’t feel it warranted further resources…

Could the links to Government Arms Sales provide us with a clue as to why that might be?

Operation MILESHOGUE Dolphin Square
It may even provide us with clues as to why to this day these matters aren’t investigated in a great deal of detail; although this document comes from evidence adduced during the Westminster Strand of the Independent Child Abuse Inquiry, the matters covered by the interviews with ex police officers were never discussed or investigated as part of the inquiry.

But back to Sir Edward Leigh; Operation Mileshogue began around 1996, however, it was investigating allegations dating back some time; for example, a child of 13 or 14 was being interviewed about abuse beginning when he was 8 years old:

Operation Mileshogue Dolphin Square 3

So there is certainly reason to investigate the allegations from 1992 further…

Dolpin Square

But anyway, what does this have to do with 1976 and Edward Leigh’s role as Margaret Thatcher’s Private Secretary?

Well let’s start where much of the child abuse scandal began; Jimmy Savile;

Savile Thatcher NSPCC

Long before she got into Chequers, whilst still leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Margaret Thatcher appeared with Jimmy Savile on Jim’ll fix it:

The programme was a primetime broadcast as the Christmas period was coming to an end on New Years Day 1977; however, it would’ve been filmed beforehand sometime in 1976.

For this to happen, there would of course have been correspondence between the programme’s producers at the BBC and Margaret Thatcher’s office.

So who was in charge of Margaret Thatcher’s correspondence at the time?

Her Private Secretary, Edward Leigh, son of the Head of the Privy Council Office at the time, member of Richmond Borough Council and the GLC, close associate of both Brian Crozier and Julian Lewis, and an alleged child abuser with links to a paedophile convicted for making child abuse images.

Back to Buckingham Palace and Feb 13th 2019:Edward Leigh Roger Gale Privy Council

Now casting aside for a moment the political chicanery of Brian Crozier, Norris McWhirter and Jimmy Savile, who pray tell was appointed as Director of BBC Children’s Television in 1976?

Sir Roger Gale, who even back then had been a member of the Conservative Party for 12 years…

Roger Gale Theresa May

UPDATE 01/05/19: Further to a FOI request to the Privy Council Office, they confirmed that the Clerk to the Privy Council is generally present at all meetings of the Council

World’s largest humanitarian crisis…

Cast of Characters:

Keith Vaz:

 bercow vaz hugh grant

Alistair Burt:

alistair burt saudi

Bandar Bin Sultan:

thatcher bandar

Abu Zubaydah:


Kenneth Clarke:

ken clarke theresa may

Mark Sedwill:

sedwill may

John Bercow:

Bercow Queen

For nigh on 4 years, bombs have rained down indiscriminately on Yemen, killing women and children who have no part in the conflict and creating such a level of chaos that the country is currently ranked as the world’s number 1 humanitarian crisis, with over 20 MILLION Yemenis suffering from malnutrition along with a wealth of disease which the country’s diminished infrastructure is in no state to tackle.

yemen 1

Though no parties are wholly clean in all of this, the consensus suggests that the key antagonist is the Saudi state, who along with a concerted campaign of bombing civilian targets and infrastructure, are in a large part responsible for the spread of islamic extremism and the international rise of both Al-Qaeda and ISIS/Daesh, who control significant areas of Yemen.

It’s worth remembering this is a wholly man made and thus avoidable crisis, which for the most part has come about due to weapons supplied and maintained by key UK and US government contractors, with full government support.

Crazy as it may sound, surely a man made humanitarian crisis in 2019 couldn’t have anything to do with Margaret Thatcher ,as leader of Her Majesty’s opposition, meeting with members of the Freedom Association in 1976, could it?

Read on…

Millions of people facing starvation, whilst bombs worth thousands of pounds continue to be used in contravention of international humanitarian laws on schools, hospitals and refugee camps, add into the mix recruitment of child soldiers to continue the dirty work…

It’s not easy to contemplate how such heinous deeds could be done in the name of democracy.

yemen 2

So who holds one of the most critical roles in UK parliament?

Keith Vaz, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Yemen.

On the surface of it, much of the APPG for Yemen’s work seems admirable

However, dig a little deeper and the facade fails…

for example in Mr Vaz’s own words:

‘I have long been on record saying that sadly the Government has lost its way on Yemen. This is despite the outstanding efforts by the Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt who has been a consistent champion for Yemen ‘

Now, aside from his unwavering support for the Saudi Coalition in Yemen, Alistair Burt‘s history rings some very noisy alarm bells…

Alistair Burt Syria

He was overseeing the UK’s Foreign Policy on Syria when the Syrian Civil war broke out and during the period Timber Sycamore came into play. (For those unaware, Timber Sycamore was the covert supply of arms to ‘moderate’ rebel groups, in Syria, via Libya and Turkey, co-ordinated by UK/US/Qatar/Saudi and Israel)

Timber Sycamore #1

Timber Sycamore #2

One of the key players in the whole Timber Sycamore affair was Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan… back in the 1980s, he was heavily involved in Operation Cyclone, which in many respects was a similar covert program to Timber Sycamore.

Among those who benefited from Operation Cyclone was Osama Bin Laden:

More recently Bandar Bin Sultan’s name has been associated with the redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report and his links to not only funding the 9/11 hijackers support network, but also contact with Abu Zubaydah.

Turki Abu 3

The hawk eyed may have noticed that that passage is actually about Prince Turki Bin Faisal, who back then, was Saudi Ambassador the the UK; prior to that he’d been chief of Saudi Intelligence, throughout the duration of Operation Cyclone and during the period the current Saudi King was supporting Al Qaeda:

King Salman Op CycloneSalman Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Turki Bin Faisal then went on to resign as head of Saudi intelligence on 1st September 2001, 10 days before 9/11.

Here he is with Alistair Burt in 2011:

Turki Faisal Alistair Burt Timber Sycamore

Turki Bin Faisal’s sister is the wife of Bandar Bin Sultan…

Riggs Bank 1

Hold up, Hold up, this was supposed to be about Yemen and Keith Vaz…

Well the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah came about because of an incident which occurred in Yemen back in October of 2000; the bombing of the USS Cole. For more background on this, I’d highly recommend reading ex FBI agent Ali Soufan’s The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda

It details the FBI’s work (including FBI’s head of counterterrorism John O Neill, who retired after a smear campaign, before being killed in WTC7) in the wake of the Al-Qaeda bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen, before expanding on events surrounding 9/11 and the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program.

The name comes from the vast swathes of text redacted by the CIA… take for example this page of Abu Zubaydah:

black banners

The APPG on Extraordinary Rendition is chaired by Kenneth Clarke.

Given the nature of joint operations between MI6 and the CIA, Abu Zubaydah’s case would surely fall under the remit of the APPG’s work.

Now oddly enough, Kenneth Clarke was Paymaster General when the Al Yamamah deal was set in motion, which takes us straight back to Bandar Bin Sultan.

Al Yamamah

More on that in future installments…

On top of all of this, questions remain regarding to what extent the guy who currently oversees the UK’s intelligence services was aware of MI6/CIA extraordinary rendition programmes…

The guy in question is Mark Sedwill whose current roles include: National Security Adviser, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service.

Here’s a little more on ‘Sir’ Mark Sedwill:

sedwill nat sec

He played a pivotal role in the Invasion of Iraq:mark sedwill matthew rycroft

A very pivotal role:

As for Matthew Rycroft, mentioned above, he is now working in the Department For International Development, with the aforementioned Alistair Burt…


OK, calm down…

You may remember Keith Vaz was chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee back when the very same Mark Sedwill as Permanent Secretary of the Home Office Under Theresa May was questioned about the 114 missing VIP child abuse files:

sedwill vaz vip child abuse

Mark Sedwill also happens to be President of the Special Forces Club

What does any of this have to do with other posts on this blog, detailing how John Bercow’s best man, Julian Lewis covered up an organized network of child abuse?

John Bercow you say…

disgrace-in-the-house vaz bercow

We’ll leave it there for now… suffice to say there’s faaaar more to this story; feel free to do a bit of digging of your own and don’t forget to fact check in case I’ve made any errors.

The Lords of ‘Democracy’

Cast of Characters:

Brian Crozier:

Brian Crozier MI5

Norris McWhirter:
Norris McWhirter CBE 1980

William (Bill) Sidney, Viscount De L’Isle:
William Sidney, Viscount De L'isle

Margaret Thatcher:

The Jeremy Thorpe scandal shows the deep levels of corruption and collusion in government and the lengths the establishment will go to in order to cover their backs and conceal any indiscretions…

It’d be easy to think that’s all in the past and things are different now, but you only have to take a quick look at who currently chairs one of the most powerful committees in Parliament, the Commons Defence Committee to see that something isn’t right…

Then of course we have Cambridge Analytica and the SCL Group, using military grade psy-ops and honey traps to ensure democracy is done in the interests of a select few.

But how did we get here?

Let’s take a trip back to the 1970s once more, not to Jeremy Thorpe (though his links to the Paedophile Information Exchange via Keith Harding are certainly worthy of investigation), but to Guinness World Record Holder Brian Crozier and meetings of Le Cercle, a shadowy organization which he went on to head…

The Langemann Papers revealed, amongst other things, the extent to which clandestine group Le Cercle was involved in subverting the democratic process in Britain; Langemann stated that “the Circle consists of a loose gathering of various conservative and anti-Communist politicians, publicists, bankers and VIPs that meets some twice a year in various parts of the world.

Within the leaks revealed by the Langemann Papers is a quote a from planning paper by Brian Crozier about a Cercle complex operation “to affect a change of government in the United Kingdom (accomplished)”

Wait, WHAT?

Affect a change of government, isn’t that something the MI6 and the CIA do in far off places like Iran, Chile, or Libya?

Well yes, but as Cambridge Analytica shows, there’s also all sorts of ways that the ‘democratic’ outcomes of Her Majesty’s Government can be influenced

Assuming Brian Crozier’s claims hold true, how did they do it?

In this instance, it began in 1976; Tuesday 9th March 1976 to be exact, at the residence of William Sidney, Viscount De L’Isle

Now if you want a description of the Viscount De L’Isle, you could do worse than to read Anthony Daly’s excellent (and harrowing) Playland; Secrets of a Forgotten Scandal:



But anyway, back to Tuesday 9th March 1976 and Eaton Place, where Brian Crozier, a man who later claimed to have affected a change of government in the UK was being introduced to then Leader of Opposition, Margaret Thatcher, by members of the Freedom Association (from Brian Crozier’s Autobiography: Free Agent):


All seems pretty admirable so far… a well organized bunch of distinguished gentlemen, with concerns about their country doing what they thought was right for the national interest… what’s the problem.

Well, let’s remember how we got here; Julian Lewis, John Bercow’s best man and current chair of the Commons Defence Committee was involved in the cover up of a large and powerful organized network of child abusers.

Julian Lewis was quite the protege of Brian Crozier and his global private intelligence network, ‘the 61’:

Lewis Leigh Crozier

Lets return to Viscount De L’isle and Anthony Daly’s Playland, Secrets of a Forgotten Scandal once more:


I’ll leave it to you to work out where this is going, but suffice to say, there’s a hell of a lot more detail to follow…

In the meantime, scepticpeg has more background on ‘The (Grenadier) Guards Vice Ring’

We wanna be free, to do, errr, what we wanna do…

Cast of Characters:

Julian Lewis:

Julian Lewis cackle

Norris McWhirter:

Norris McWhirter Twins Guinness World Records

Brian Crozier:

Crozier Reagan

What do a Guinness World Record holder, one of the founders of the Guinness Book of Records and John Bercow’s best man have in common?

Just a quick recap of how we got here;

John Bercow’s best man Julian Lewis was actively involved in covering up organized child abuse. That much is plain.

We’ll come back to how this relates to the biggest little man in parliament, John Bercow, but for the time being, let’s delve a little deeper into Julian Lewis’ murky background, in an attempt to ascertain whether his protection of perverted North Wales Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea and the larger network of organized abuse spanning from North Wales to London and beyond was merely an unfortunate side effect of self preservation, or if there was something more sinister going on.

Let’s start by taking things back to 1976 when early in his career, with funding from the Freedom Association, Julian Lewis posed as a Labour Party moderate and briefly won control of Newham North East Constituency Labour Party, in an eventually unsuccessful attempt to reverse the deselection of the sitting MP, Reg Prentice.

Though clandestine infiltration of an opposing political party sounds dodgy enough, believe me when I tell you important thing to note from this is Lewis’ work with the Freedom Association…


The Freedom Association had been founded the year before, in 1975 by William Sidney (The Viscount De L’Isle), Norris McWhirter, Ross McWhirter and John Gouriet and in 1976, was still known by it’s original name, The National Association For Freedom (NAFF), before in 1978 it became The Freedom Association.

Freedom is a word that should conjure images of a world without borders, of skipping carefree through lush meadows without the looming prospect of nuclear holocaust, of living without rules or an intrusive surveillance state…

To give the Freedom Association and their affiliates their due, they’ve consistently been highly supportive of a certain brand of Freedom, from creating reasons to bypass sanctions on apartheid, to increasing the prospect of the bright flash of a nuclear explosion, to dividing the nation by helping UKIP set Brexit in motion… so in many respects, it’s about the Freedom of a select few, to impose themselves upon many.

One of the founders, Ross McWhirter, was murdered by the IRA in 1975, shortly after The National Association For Freedom was established.

This was no doubt in part because McWhirter offered a £50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction for several recent high-profile bombings in England that were publicly claimed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA). In doing so, McWhirter recognised that he could then be a target himself. This was considered a “bounty” by the IRA Army Council, a view that led directly to the events that followed.

Also worthy of note are the various restrictions advocated by Ross McWhirter on the freedom of the Irish community in Britain such as making it compulsory for all of them to register with the local police and to provide signed photographs of themselves when renting flats or booking into hotels and hostels.

Ross McWhirter was a co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records, along with his twin brother, Norris McWhirter. The book came about after an argument broke out out a shooting party in the North Slob involving the managing director of Guinness Breweries, regarding whether the golden plover or the red grouse was the fastest game bird in Europe. From these less than humble beginnings sprouted a vast enterprise, spanning the globe.

Depending on how old you are, you may well remember Norris (and Ross) from regular appearances on Children’s Television, mainly the BBC’s ‘Record Breakers’. Norris McWhirter’s photographic memory was a source of wonder and entertainment for children and adults alike, from the worlds tallest woman, to how many boiled eggs could be consumed in a minute, to most people squeezed into a telephone box.

If you have the time, watch this short film where David Baddiel recalls his childhood expectations being quashed by Norris McWhirter’s zeal for the Freedom Association:

No record has ever been set for most corrupt political manoeuvre and though of course that’s not easily assessed, some of the events that followed the 1975 formation of what became the Freedom Association must be in the running for such a title.

A man who later went on to hold a Guinness World Record deserves dishonourable mention in this respect, a certain Brian Crozier, a historian and journalist, who aside from running a CIA funded propaganda operation, set up his own global intelligence network, ‘the 61’, which bypassed accountability to parliaments and authorities the world over.

Lewis Leigh Crozier

With that in mind, can you guess his World Record?

That will be revealed in due course, but for the mean time, back to 1976 and some introductions being made… the kind of introductions that could change the course of global history.

The best of men?

John Bercow and Sally Illman were married on 7th December 2002, at St Margaret’s Church in Parliament Square.


Though this tale began with John Bercow, as is often the case if you want a more complete story, one of the best people to ask is the best man.

John Bercow’s best man for the occasion was Dr Julian Lewis, a long time friend and colleague of his since way back in the 80s.

Julian Lewis downcast

From 1989, Julian Lewis and John Bercow spent several years working together running advanced speaking and campaigning courses for Conservative activists the world over, bestowing wily political skills upon over 600 Conservatives (including many current MPs) by the time they wound up their operation in the early 2000s

It was in 1994, during the time that Bercow and Lewis were nigh on inseparable that Julian Lewis helped cover up organized child abuse…

He even brags about it on his website:

Julian Lewis Gordon Anglesea

Thanks to Julian Lewis, in 1994 North Wales Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea managed to rake in £375,000 from libel cases relating to allegations of his involvement in organized abuse of children from North Wales Care Homes.

Gordon Anglesea.jpg


However, on October 22 2016 a court found Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea had in fact been abusing kids from care homes in North Wales

Care homes run by a certain John Allen:

John Allen.jpg

Though its welcome that a degree of justice was served in the end, there is much more to this story than it 1st appears.

And both Julian Lewis and John Bercow are right in the thick of it…


But who will speak for us?

Did you know that Sir Mark Sedwill, the civil servant at the heart of the scandal surrounding the 114 missing files into paedophile activity by MPs and members of the intelligence services now serves as the UK’s National Security Adviser and had previously worked as a UN Weapons inspector?

Mark Sedwill was appointed into the Home Office shortly after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, but prior to that he had been the UK Foreign Office’s director of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He had assumed that role from Karen Pierce, who recently became the UK’s representative at the UN…

Hopefully that introduction gives you some insight into just what a tangled web there is to be unpicked.

In order to do that, we’ll begin this tale with John Bercow, before going right to the heart of the child abuse scandal.

For those not familiar with John Bercow, he’s the Speaker of the UK House of Commons…

or in other words, the person who presides over all debate of the elected representatives of Her Majesty’s UK Government, on behalf of Her Majesty.

You may recall shortly before the news became deluged with the outbreak of a new Cold War triggered by deadly nerve agents that are particularly lethal to underfed guinea pigs and cats, John Bercow was coming under the spotlight for claims of bullying.

Luckily for him, scrutiny was swiftly cast elsewhere as ever more shocking claims came about of deadly foreign assassins on British soil.

It’s probably safe to peep above the covers for now, but that said, this story is potentially far scarier than any concoction of chemicals, and reveals how in many respects we’ve all been poisoned by misdirection and propaganda.

Though this tale starts in the present, it spans back decades and includes many of the usual suspects in both the UK, US and further afield, including Prime Ministers, Presidents, Press Barons, Royalty, Spies and Children’s TV presenters and has impacted on many world events up to and including the present day.

There are many similarities to the unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal, with highly unsavoury methods being used to swing elections the world over, making a mockery of what we’re told democracy represents.