The best of men?

John Bercow and Sally Illman were married on 7th December 2002, at St Margaret’s Church in Parliament Square.


Though this tale began with John Bercow, as is often the case if you want a more complete story, one of the best people to ask is the best man.

John Bercow’s best man for the occasion was Dr Julian Lewis, a long time friend and colleague of his since way back in the 80s.

Julian Lewis downcast

From 1989, Julian Lewis and John Bercow spent several years working together running advanced speaking and campaigning courses for Conservative activists the world over, bestowing wily political skills upon over 600 Conservatives (including many current MPs) by the time they wound up their operation in the early 2000s

It was in 1994, during the time that Bercow and Lewis were nigh on inseparable that Julian Lewis helped cover up organized child abuse…

He even brags about it on his website:

Julian Lewis Gordon Anglesea

Thanks to Julian Lewis, in 1994 North Wales Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea managed to rake in £375,000 from libel cases relating to allegations of his involvement in organized abuse of children from North Wales Care Homes.

Gordon Anglesea.jpg


However, on October 22 2016 a court found Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea had in fact been abusing kids from care homes in North Wales

Care homes run by a certain John Allen:

John Allen.jpg

Though its welcome that a degree of justice was served in the end, there is much more to this story than it 1st appears.

And both Julian Lewis and John Bercow are right in the thick of it…


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